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                       Why do I need management?

My property is secure, I have neighbours and I am learning Spanish

This is a question most people ask themselves when they are here in Spain. It is not until after they have left to return home that they start worrying about the property or have spent most of the holiday trying to deal with a utility company or an Insurance company that it becomes clear.

There is one reason alone as to why it is advisable to take out a Management Plan.

Peace of mind.

For this peace of mind please read below as to how we can help you.



1.    Management of a property that is not a rental property.

We take care of all the administrative issues regarding your property.

Legal aspects, translations services, liaising with community administrators and town councils, community payments, Electric and water companies and Insurance. Arranging services/suppliers (telephone, ADSL, satellite TV, alarm systems, etc.

Key holding and key/remote copying service (copies charged accordingly)

We check monthly for any signs of damage such as, damp, cracks, leaks or any pest infestation etc. In the event of there being a major problem, you will be notified immediately and we will strive to repair, correct or replace whatever is necessary in as quick a time as possible.

If adverse weather your property will be checked as soon as possible to make sure there are no floods or damage.

Cleaning before and after your visit if required. The cost of cleaning is 15.00 Euros per hour

2.    Management of a rental property with Melrose.

                       All of the above plus:

 Administration with regard to renting the property. Advertising, Key collections, welcome letters, General assistance to the guest during their stay: During your guests stay anything can happen – electricity cut off, water cut off, boiler break down, problems with the community, etc

We are contactable 24 hours a day seven days a week.

All appliances are checked and any faults are reported.

We ensure that all appliances have been switched on i.e. hot water and heating / air-conditioning (if necessary).

Quarterly accounts sent to your home with monies paid into your bank account

Prices for management are from as little as 6 euros per week. Please contact us for a quote on your property and the peace of mind your property is being cared for.


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